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At EchoTherm, our unwavering commitment is hooked to the idea of delivering the best quality glass thermometers to our valued customers. With a seven-decade-old legacy, we have emerged as a pivotal manufacturer of glass thermometers in the United States. Our commitment to precision and quality has not only stood the test of time but has also helped us advance to new and better technologies whenever there was a need for one. 

Today, we take pride in the legacy that we have created in the space of glass thermometers. Over the last seven decades, we have been manufacturing and supplying only glass thermometers. The fact that we were solely concerned about glass thermometers, today we have the best tech and practices to craft a wide range of glass thermometers in the USA and market them at a very affordable price.  

Echo Therm Ohio based Thermometer manufacturer and supplier

Why Choose EchoTherm?

Manufactured in USA

Manufacturing and supplying glass thermometers for the last seven decades in USA. Over the years, we adapted to the ever-evolving needs of the market and have been consistently driven to provide a cutting-edge solution for accuracy during temperature measurement. Our chase for excellence has opened the doors of a wide range of industries, including heavy industries, refrigeration industries, poultry, schools, healthcare and others.

Using State-of-The-Art Technology

We combine traditional glass-working techniques with the latest technological advancements to create thermometers that withstand the test of time. We consciously choose the technology we use, keeping their future impact in consideration, this helps us maintain high quality while remaining committed to environmental integrity.

Bulk Suppliers

With an average production capacity of 20,000 units a day, we are known for our quick deliveries, easy transport and transparent practices. With a manufacturing unit established in the USA, we serve our client as a trusted thermometer manufacturing partner.


By eliminating intermediary commissions, we offer direct delivery to our clients, making our thermometers affordable without a tint of compromise on our high-quality standards.

Non-Toxic Filling

The market is flooded with thermometers that use toxic fillings, i.e., kerosene-based fillings. Since our inception, we have been committed to serving our customers with the best quality thermometers. Our commitment to non-toxic fillings is a steppingstone to creating products that are safe for the customers and environmentally friendly as well.

Industry Expert in Glass Thermometer

With seven decades of experience and expertise, we take pride in stringent quality control and expert craftsmanship. Our team meticulously works at each stage ensuring the highest standards of precision and performance.

Serves A Large Variety Of Glass Thermometers

With years of experience in glass thermometers and access to the best industry technology, we have been manufacturing thermometers for a wide range of industries. Our clients include heavy industries, refrigeration industries, poultry, schools, healthcare and others.

Available in Sizes From 1.5” to 22”

Our thermometer capabilities range from compact 1.5-inch models suitable for specific purposes to large 22-inch thermometers designed for industrial settings, ensuring accurate temperature measurement across a wide range of applications.

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