Glass Tube Size Size: 3″, Size: 4″
Sensible Medium Non-Toxic filling
Backing Custom as per customer needs
Accuracy (+/-) 2°

Model-1: Precision in every detail. Choose from 3″ or 4″ glass tube sizes for tailored accuracy. Non-toxic filling ensures safety, while customizable backing meets individual needs. Achieve (+/-) 2° precision for reliable temperature measurements in any application.

Introducing Model-1, the pinnacle of precision and reliability in temperature measurement. Designed with cutting-edge technology, Model-1 ensures accuracy and performance that exceeds expectations. Whether you require precise temperature readings for industrial processes or scientific applications, Model-1 is your trusted companion.

Glass Tube Size: Choose the size that suits your specific requirements with our customizable options. Model-1 is available in two distinct glass tube sizes, accommodating both 3″ and 4″ dimensions. This flexibility ensures that you have the perfect fit for your unique needs.

Sensible Medium: Safety and environmental consciousness are at the forefront of our design. Model-1 features a non-toxic filling as the sensible medium, ensuring the well-being of both users and the surroundings. You can rely on Model-1 for accurate readings without compromising on health and safety standards.

Backing: Tailor Model-1 to meet your individual needs with our customizable backing options. We understand that every application is unique, and our product allows you to choose a backing that aligns seamlessly with your requirements. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the personalized choices we offer.

Accuracy: (+/-) 2° Precision is paramount, and Model-1 delivers with an impressive accuracy of (+/-) 2°. Whether you are engaged in critical industrial processes or scientific experiments, you can trust Model-1 to provide reliable and consistent temperature measurements. This level of accuracy sets Model-1 apart, ensuring that you can make informed decisions based on dependable data.

Q: What types of thermometers does your company manufacture, and what industries do they cater to?

A: We specialize in manufacturing a range of thermometers, including digital, infrared, and industrial models. Our products serve diverse industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and industrial manufacturing.

Q: Can your thermometers be customized to meet specific industry standards or client requirements?

A: Yes, we offer customization services to ensure our thermometers align with industry standards and meet the unique needs of our clients. Our engineering team works closely with clients to develop tailored solutions.

Q: What quality assurance processes does your company employ in thermometer manufacturing?

A: Quality is paramount in our manufacturing process. We adhere to rigorous quality control measures, including ISO standards, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our thermometers. Each product undergoes thorough testing before leaving our facility.

Q: How does your company handle bulk orders, and what are the lead times for large-scale purchases?

A: We have the capacity to fulfill bulk orders efficiently. Lead times may vary depending on the order size and customization requirements. Our sales team works closely with clients to provide accurate delivery timelines and ensure smooth order fulfillment.

Q: What post-sales support and warranty options are available for your thermometers?

A: We take pride in offering comprehensive post-sales support. Our products come with a warranty, and we provide prompt assistance for any issues. Additionally, we offer maintenance services and calibration options to ensure the longevity and accuracy of our thermometers.


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